2015-2016 ACS tournaments

The ACS is the official national league sponsor of the WSPA. The WSPA recommends that those WSPA-affiliated pool leagues desiring to sanction with a national pool league-sanctioning body consider joining the ACS with its $10/member sanction fee and its production of the WI ACS Championships in Fall 2015, the ACS Midwest Championships in Iowa, January 13-18, and the 2016 ACS Nationals May 7-14 at the Tropicana Hotel/Casino on the Strip in Las Vegas, NV.

The IA ACS Championships at the River Center Convention Center in Davenport IA are open to Iowa border-state ACS league members, incl. Wisconsin-based ACS leagues.

The Iowa ACS Tournament is coming up on October 22-25, 2015, at the River Center in Davenport, IA. We have a new Standard Division this year so please encourage your new pool players to join us.

Information Sheet, the poster, a Team Entry Form, a Singles Entry Form, and a Level equivalency chart to show the different divisions and how they compare to other associations.
If you have any questions, please contact one of the following officers:
Terry Anderson, VP 563-505-0342
Nancy Beadel, Treas 563-355-1342
Donna Whitcomb, Secy 563-508-0611

Iowa ACS Tournament Combined Iowa ACS Tournament Poster Iowa ACS Tournament Singles Entry Iowa ACS Tournament Team Entry Iowa ACS Tournament Level Chart