The 2019 WSPA Singles State Championships will be held at the Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel & Convention Center in Oshkosh, WI on January 24-27, 2019.  This will host  9-ball, 10-ball singles, and 8-ball singles, and will be played on Valley tables with Ridgeback rails, Championship cloth, and Aramith Red Circle cue balls.

Please stay tuned for more information regarding the 2019 Team Event while we work out the details.


Entry forms will be available in October.



Wisconsin or out-of-state residents must have played a minimum of four matches in a WSPA sanctioned league.  Qualified weeks played must be played during the current WSPA qualifying league year that starts on June 1st.  If you have a question regarding your sanction status or eligibility, contact your League Operator or email info@wspapool.com.

All sanctioned league players must submit their entries through their League Operator.  You can find the current entries in Tournament Manager.  Please keep in mind, that although you may have submitted your entry to your League Operator, they may have not yet entered it into Tournament Manager until their deadline.  

If you do not shoot in a WSPA sanctioned league but are a Wisconsin or Michigan Upper Peninsula resident, you must fill out a Player Membership Application/Entry Form.  The WSPA may require you to show proof of residency.  


Refund Policy
Requests for refunds or division changes must be received by the WSPA no later than the last deadline to enter the event.  Refund checks will be mailed after the tournament is complete and will be charged a $10 handling fee.  Late fees are non-refundable.


Team Requirements
All players must have satisfied the tournament player requirements above.  Please note that teams do not have to be composed of players from the same league.


Mixed Casual 3 Must be all approved Men's C players or Women's B players. None
Mixed B 5 Maximum of one A player per round* None
Mixed A 5 Maximum of one AA player per round* None
Mixed Master/AA 5 Maximum of two Master players per round* None
Women's B 4 Maximum of one A player per round* None
Women's A 4 No Masters None
Women's Master 4 No restrictions None
*It is permissible to have more than the allowed per round limit of upper division players on your roster, however, you must stay within the limit during match rounds.