WSPA Officer Duties

Duties of the WIBCAPL board member will include, but are not limited to the following lists. Each Board Member has voting privileges and is expected to attend as many meetings as possible. Along with attending meetings, all members are expected to provide assistance during the tournament whether on the stage or floor.


  1. Determine when and where meetings should be held and announce them through Secretary
  2. Preside over meetings
  3. Obtain raffle cues and other items for raffle
  4. Order Trophies
  5. Take photos of winners

Vice President

  1. Assist Treasurer with payouts
  2. Handle player ranking adjustments


  1. Handle all WSPA funds
  2. Maintain bank accounts
  3. Receive entries and process
  4. Handle payouts at tournament
  5. Collect from vendors booth fees
  6. Provide annual report


  1. Take meeting minutes and process for the website
  2. Formulate a bulk email list of league operators and key players
  3. Send out response letters to players who requested rating changes and to any warned or suspended players
  4. Take names of photographed winners
  5. Prepare Survey immediately following tournament


  1. Stage presence at tournament
  2. Initiate new ideas for improvements
  3. Double check website for accuracy

Tournament Director

  1. Handle site planning and Tournament Direction
  2. Hire referee staff
  3. Work with venue on food, beverage pricing etc.
  4. Hire additional security
  5. Supply charting staff
  6. Hire additional laborers for set-up/tear down