Our Registration Process has Changed.

League Operators, our registration process has changed. The WSPA has developed a fully functional League management system to help League Operators maintain league rosters and sanction fees. Getting started is easy. Just follow the three steps below to set up your league. It is manditory for all WSPA League Operators to set up and use our system. For this systems to work, the WSPA needs for our League Operators to be active in our systems (League Manager and Tournament Manager) and send in their sanction fees by the dates set up for summer and fall leagues (August 15th and October 31st).

Registration Process

  1. Register - If you are a League Operator that has not applied for a WSPA league, Simply, click on the League Operator registration button in the upper right-hand corner or follow this link. Fill in all the information to request a login and submit. The WSPA board will approve the request and send you back an email with login credentials.
  2. Login - Login with your new credentials
  3. Update your League Operator information - We have populated some of the information based on your login request. Please complete the rest of the League Operator information and save. To do this, click on the edit button located on the right side of the League Contact Information section. Please fill out as much information as possible so the WSPA can contact you easily if needed.
  4. Update your Master League information - This is the top level information about your league and needs to be renewed and approved before each league year. Name, aproximate player and team counts and a URL to your online stats. Don't worry if your league stats are not online, just leave that blank.
  5. Add your League Divisions - This is all the divisions that are under your League. i.e. Monday Summer, Monday nights, Tuesday Iron, Thursday fall and so forth. To add a new division, click on the plus sign and enter all the details about your divison. Again the more you enter the more you help the WSPA. There is no limit on the number of divisons that you can have.