WSPA League Operator Code of Ethics Agreement

In matters of ethics, WSPA League Operators are required to be dedicated to the promotion of honest, fair, and competitive pool leagues, and believing that honorable competition between players and other leagues is essential to the accomplishment of our common objectives, do hereby pledge to abide by the following Code of Ethics:
Code of Ethics

  • I shall follow all WSPA League sanctioning requirements that are found on the WSPA website. Any deviation from those rules must be approved by the WSPA board.
  • I shall NOT falsify any league documents in any way. This includes falsifying player matches, league standings, league schedules.
  • I shall at all times treat all players, other leagues, and the public with dignity, respect, and courtesy.
  • I shall always conduct myself and my league business in a fair and honest manner refraining at all times from conduct or practices that inhibit the expansion of WSPA-sanctioned leagues or that reflect discredit upon the WSPA league system.
  • I understand that being a league Operator with the WSPA, I am a member of the WSPA and shall represent the WSPA in a favorable and positive manner at all times. This includes social media posts and any other publicly posted material.
  • Failure to acknowledge this Code of Ethics, will result in revoking your WSPA league and it's members.

Affirmative League Operators are bound to abide by the aforementioned Code of Ethics as a condition of sanctioning with the WSPA. The WSPA reserves the right to deny any applicant, as well as suspend or revoke any league sanctioning from an operator it deems without refund of any fees, at its sole and absolute discretion, operates in an unfair or dishonest manner violates this Code of Ethics, inhibits the expansion of WSPA leagues, discredits the WSPA sanctioned leagues, discredits the WSPA or operates to undermine the growth of the WSPA league system by negligent, unethical or immoral behavior.