Player Code of Conduct

In order to provide a positive and safe experience for participants of our tournaments, the WSPA expects that all players conduct themselves in a respectable manner in and around the tournament venues. Each participant in our events represent the WSPA and any negative actions by a player reflects negatively on the organization for the present and the future. As our organization grows, we need to bring a positive experience to any venue that we presently use or chose in the future. That positive experience can only be maintained by the good conduct of the participants of our event. Players and spectators are expected to treat opponents with respect. Good sportsmanship lies at the heart of any endeavor involving competition and players must be aware that significant penalties will be applied for fighting, taunting an opponent, or any other unethical conduct.

See the below for some examples of general guidelines used for handling inappropriate behavior. This is by no means a complete list. Any form of poor sportsmanship or other actions that are deemed as having a negative impact on the reputation and quality of the tournament and/or tournament venue may result in probation or suspensions from the tournament.

If security has to be called, minimum one year suspension.
If disqualified by a referee, minimum one year suspension.
If local police are called, mandatory 2 year suspension.
Physical altercation, mandatory 3 year suspension.

These guidelines are based on a player's first offense. Repeat offenders will be dealt with on a case by case review.

Please remember that these are guidelines and the WSPA Board reserves the right to adjust these penalties based on the severity of the player's conduct. Suspension from our event means that the individual cannot play in our events or be in the building where the event is being held.