WSPA "Bumping" Guidelines

The WSPA tries to maintain tournament levels that are fair to all of our members. We believe that players should play in a division that is is fair to the player and also helps promote the "bettering" of the skills of all players. With that thought, we use these guidelines for bumping and rating players and reserve the right to change a player's rating at anytime.

Guidelines for "bumping" or rating a player

  1. Known ability
  2. WSPA state tournament results
  3. Other tournament play

Bumping based on WSPA State Tournament results:

  • Top 25% of the payout in all divisions. (Please note that for 2016 the Men's A division will bump 10%)
  • A Player's ratings will be moved to one rating higher than the division that played in. For example, if a player participated in the "A" division and finished in the group of players to get bumped, that player's rating will be a "AA." This applies to any players that are playing up a division too. A "B" player playing in the "A" division would be bumped to a "AA" rating if they finish in the group that is going to get bumped.
  • The number of teams that get bumped could vary from year to year. This is because it is based on the payout and the number of teams playing in each division.
  • Members of teams participating in the Masters men's or women's team events will not get bumped based on their finish.
  • The only players on a team that is getting bumped will be those who have the same rating as the division they played in. For example, a team that plays in the A division team tournament, has four A players and one AA player. The four A players will get bumped to the next division, while the AA player retains his/her AA rating.

Basic guidelines for a player to lower his/her rating

  • If the player was bumped based on their team performance, that player must play a minimum of one year, in the singles division, with their new rating before requesting to be lowered.
  • If the player was bumped because of their performance in a singles event, the player must play a minimum of two years, in the singles division, with their new rating before requesting to be lowered.
  • Fill out a request form online before September 1st